Founded by the siblings Vin Ang and Sue Ang, due to the financial pressure of the single mothers and housewives around them, the lack of income sources and overall lack of resources.

Wondersmum is a Social Enterprise that pays particular attention to gender equality and organize to help women bloom and give them room for development. We provide micro-ecommerce development plans, supply chains and marketing methods that are conducive to improving women's abilities and rights to promote gender equality through community action and advocacy.

We dare to boldly shape and innovate our juvenile products’ industry philosophy: it is innovative, authentic, and sustainable; it also provides a stage of vigorous and sincere creativity and encourages women to show their individuality.

As the times change, the world is experiencing a series of changes and challenges: cultural collisions continue to intensify, modern disruptive technologies have made historical changes in society, and the new generation of "always online" consumers quietly arose in the digital age. With the continuous injection of new demands and expectations into the market, the new generation of consumers is gradually changing the rules of the market. They are constantly looking for self-worth, striving to gain attention and stand out. This search has already affected groups of all ages.

At Wondersmum, by integrating resources, optimizing the operation of strategic functions such as logistics, ownership, information systems, media promotion, etc., we strive to maximize resources and results for the entire company and for the benefit of everyone.


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